Feral honey bee on Mesquite tree bloom.

(Feral honey bee on Mesquite tree bloom. Mesquite trees are widely exploited by bees in Texas for necter and pollen)

Welcome to Pleasant Green Apiary, a small top bar apiary located in Victoria, Texas.

We specialize in seasonal honey from top bar beehives, as well as honey bee swarm removal and colony removal from existing structures like houses and sheds. Check back soon for a more compete site.

In the meantime, if you need bees removed in the Victoria, Texas area, email Beek@txbees.com.

My name is Cary Voss and I am the beekeeper - ie Beek.

Honey Bee Swarm

Above is a picture of a honey bee swarm. There is no charge for swarm removal, as long as the bees have not been sprayed with poison

Bee colony in house wall exposed.

Above is a picture of a honey bee colony in an enclosed wall of a house. The charge for bee removals from enclosed structures - called a "cutout" - starts at $100 and goes up depending on the amount of work required, and the difficulty of accessing and removing all the bees and comb. Estimates for removals are free.

Bee Removal Contract - This is a link to the removal contract that you will be required to sign before the removal process begins. Please read it carefully. Every effort will be made to minimize structural damage, and to expose the colony with the goal of easy repair.